Share Trading

We help our clients, in trading the shares at BSE &/or NSE, in cash as well as in Derivatives & F&O segment also.

We have a unique facility of D’mat linked with the trading account, where in if you have sold the shares, it automatically gets debited to your D’mat account and you are saved from the hazel of manually transferring the shares transfer slips with the restricted time limit. Which also saves you from rare chances of Auction.

Further, we have a tie up with Sushil N Shah, Mumbai, who has been recognized as the 7th Best Research House in India by Asia Money. By virtue of that we are able to recognize the investment based scripts ranging from 15 days to more than 1 year. The most interesting thing about our research is that we give the personal calls of selling the securities, if we have the indication for the same.

Equity and F&O:-

Direct equity should be a (small) part of your Portfolio. Future & Option can be used to hedge the equity portfolio. Equity portfolio helps in creating wealth with slightly high risk. But as once rightly quoted by investment guru Mr. Warren Buffet that “Wealth can be created by putting up industries (e.g. Microsoft Infosys, Tata motors) or else by having partners in that industry”. He has proved right becoming the second richest man in the world after Bill Gates of Microsoft.  

Always understand the business of company when you are investing. Invest the amount where you can bear losses of highest amount & only if money is for long term. (3 to 5 years plus), Always acquire shares at regular interval. Don’t forget to sell even if are making losses if it seems that your decision to purchase was wrong. 
Never invest on ‘Tips’ as it only comes when the person spreading it would have taken full benefit out of it & he needs a person to he scapegoat. Only buy thru intermediary who is SEBIregister & complies with all regulations. 

Why MEGA: -

We treat equities as investment & not a day trading opportunity. We try to check your risk quotient & try to create opportunity for the portfolio on that basis. We recommend buying the securities, keeping updates on your portfolio & most important is that we recommend even to sell the specific securities looking to the taxation portion as we believe in ‘It always counts when you sell’. We have a big team of technical & fundamental analyst with our associates who are also research based investment brokers.

For further information or guidance please Contact Us, we will be pleased to be helpful to you.