Dear Wealth Creators,


We have seen a very tiresome 2013-14, by all the means. We have seen a sudden depreciation to our currency and then harsh remedial steps by the Government. The inflation remained the headache for the entire year. But let me tell you that there are silver linings to the entire picture.

Last year, we have strongly recommended you equity as well as debt funds. The equity on average has given 18% return and debt has given 9% annualized return for the last financial year. To remind you we have, strongly recommended you equities. The statement was “It is giving golden opportunity to the investor for picking up the equity at very bargain rates.”

The most important thing is, that the schemes recommended by us are in the top quartile giving astounding returns and that too constantly for any time frame ranging from 1 to 10 years !!! This has happened mainly through your support by discussing transparently about your goals and updating your financial positions. It was again, backed by the rigorous research at our end. Our team would have nearly more than 75 meetings during the year, with different senior people who are connected to the Indian economy.

Looking ahead, I am sure that we have left behind the worse. Looking to the various events happening around the globe, it is understood that as far as Indian economy is concerned, the solid base for the long term bullish trend is on the way.

Under this scenario, I strongly recommend you to hold on to your equity investment and don’t get involved in the short term volatility,which is the characteristic of this asset class. On debt side also we are highly comfortable with current scenario and suggest you to invest for any horizon ranging from 3 months to 5 years. For the risk takes we suggest gilt funds for 12 to 18 months timeframe.

I am also very happy to inform you that Mr. Sandeep Gandhi, my son has achieved one more mile stone by passing ‘Certified Financial Planner’ exams conducted by FPSB. It is the highest degree in the world of investment. At present there are only 1400 person in India and around 1,47,000 persons in the world. The degree is valid in 23 countries including USA, UK etc.

Wishing you, a very prosperous New Year, with lots of health and wealth.


I B Gandhi 

Group Head