Year 2012-13

Dear Wealth Creators,


Year 2012-13 taught us many lessons for the investments. The return chaser investors were earlier behind equity, then behind real estate & then Gold…    

It was debt which has given best returns. The asset class, which was missed by many of us. The most important learning part for last year is that one need to follow the asset allocation strategy.

It was informed in our last mail that for short term period of 1 year non-equity funds will perform and which has proved to be correct. Many of the equity schemes recommended; have performed even in the bad conditions.

At this moment investors are having very good chances of making money in equity as well as in non-equity schemes. This time we are very bullish on equity again even for the shorter time frame of even 3 to 5 years. It is expected that even the non-equity schemes performance will be very good for coming years.

The equity markets have remain choppy for last few years & have made many investors confused and losing confidence in the equity market. But in our view, it is giving a golden opportunity to the investor for picking up the equity at very bargain rates.

We would always suggest you that don’t invest looking to the past performance of the asset classes, but try to find out which asset class may perform in the coming years and whether we need the investments in asset class and then product is required by us or not. We also need to study the risk factor embedded in the product.

At MEGA, we follow a thorough a rigorous research process, analyse many research reports, meeting with fund management senior team members and then recommend the schemes.

We again request you to update your financial & non-financial changes with us and strongly advise to consult us before taking a decision for investments or disinvestment.

Attached is the valuation report, transaction report & capital gain report for FY 2012-13. There might be a fee bill attached to for the services rendered to you. It may happen that the bill amount has been reduced because the charges on transactions, after Jan 1, 2013 have been reduced drastically. 

Also confirm that you are KYC compliant as per new guidelines of SEBI.

With Best Wishes, that you have a very prosperous year ahead.


(I B Gandhi)
Group Head

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